Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Blue Cut Lenses to Save your Eyes from the Blue Light

The world today has become tech savvy and totally engrossed in gadgets. At homes, workplaces, shops, and almost everywhere, you will find people working on digital screens of mobiles, tablets, laptops and computer. But no one realizes that all throughout the day, it is the eyes that are constantly at work and that they are exposed to blue the harmful blue light which causes CVS.

Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS is a condition that is caused when you keep your eyes focused on a computer screen or any digital device for a longer time. Because, the blue light (has short wavelengths and more energy) that is emitted from different gadgets poses a threat to the retina of your eyes.

You can’t run away from these devices but you can always protect your eyes. So, it is always recommended that you go for blue cut lenses while buying a pair of eyeglasses.

Blue cut lenses are revolutionary lenses that feature a special blue light filter coating that returns the blue light and prevents it from passing through your eyeglass lenses.

Why Blue Cut Lenses are Good for the Eyes?

The specially coated blue cut lenses offer the following benefits to the users of computer, mobiles and other gadgets.

  • ·         These lenses help reduce eye strain while your eyes are at work
  • ·         Shield your eyes from the damaging blue light further protecting the retina
  • ·         Enable you to see clearly
  • ·         Suitable to be used in all frame shapes and styles

If you find yourself facing either of these symptoms, it is time to know that you need blue light computer glasses:
  • ·         Tired eyes
  • ·         Pain in the shoulders
  • ·         Headache
  • ·         Dryness and irritation in the eyes
  • ·         Blurred vision
  • ·         Focusing problems

But, before you buy blue light blocking glasses, it is recommended that you consult your eye care professional first.

At Coolwinks, you can browse eyeglasses as per your requirement and choices. Not only blue cut, but you will also find other types of coated lenses like photochromic, tinted, anti-reflective or anti-glare lenses. Also, you can look for power eyeglasses, computer glasses, reading glasses, power sunglasses and fashion sunglasses because there is a wide collections of premium eyeglasses and sunglasses. Brands include XSTYL, Graviate, and others.

In shapes and frame designs, there are so many choices like cat-eye frames, retro square, round glasses, etc.

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