Sunday, 14 May 2017

3 Major Benefits of Transitions Eyeglasses

Transitions or photochromic lenses are magical lenses made with a special technology. They quickly adapt to all lighting conditions to give your eyes the best and clear vision. When exposed to the sun, they become dark and within a few minutes, even darker and when in an enclosed environment, they automatically get back to their original color. Although, they are mostly used in sunglasses, people who need spectacles can also use them through Transitions eyeglasses. No matter how transitions lenses are used, what makes them great is the three benefits that they offer to the wearer, especially to those who wear power eyeglasses.

3 Major Benefits of Transitions Eyeglasses

1. Versatility

Eyeglasses frames with Transitions or photochromic lenses eliminate the need of carrying clear eyeglasses separately. Because you know, now that you have a pair of perfect transition eyeglasses, it will work as sunglasses as well as power glasses. You can wear them throughout the day in both- outdoor and indoor environments.

2. Smart Lenses

You might be thinking that the technology behind the working of Transitions lenses must be something complex. No, that is not true. In fact, it is simple. The effortless change of color happens due to a complex formula of photochromic molecules that make different shades possible like light, dark and everything in between.

3. They are Simply Good

Reduce Eyestrain- When you are wearing regular power eyeglasses, your eyes constantly struggle to adjust to the lighting conditions. Ultimately, they get tired and you start experiencing eyestrain. This is where Transitions eyeglasses help. They filter the light so that your eyes stay relaxed all day long.

Protect from the UV rays- You may not realize but you are surrounded by the harmful UV rays all the year round which can lead to vision problems. Wearing eyeglasses with Transitions lenses can protect your eyes from these rays by blocking them 100%.

Restrict glare- Glare can be distracting and discomforting to the eyes. If you wear these Transitions glasses, they can block the glare from getting into your eyes so that you can see without any problems.

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