Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A Quick Guide to Choose the Right Eyeglasses Frame

While looking for an ideal pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses, there are so many things strike the mind. Like, color, style, size, shape and frame. And, that is where you get confused because you have to strike a balance among all. While considering all these parameters, do you ever analyse one more thing? Face shape it is.

Your frame should be in contrast to your natural face shape else, it will make your look weird and might enhance some features. Like, if you have a round face shape, then avoid wearing rounded shapes just because you like them else your face will appear even round that it actually is. Rather, go for a square or a rectangular one to reduce the roundness of your face.  Similarly, there are some tips and guidelines as to how you can select from new trends of sunglasses and eyeglasses.

1. Oblong face shape- 

Oblong Shape
Oblong Face Shape

The appropriate sunglasses or eyeglasses for long face shape are more in depth than in length.

2. Square face shape-

Square Shape
Square Face Shape

This means the face a broad forehead and a strong jaw line. And, to make it look longer, choose ovals frames having more width than depth.

3. Oval face shape-

Oval Shape
Oval Face Shape

You are lucky if you have this face type, because an oval face has balanced proportions. You need to look for wider frames and walnut shaped frames that are neither too deep nor too narrow.

4. Diamond face shape-

Diamond Shape
Diamond Face Shape

A silhouette like this features broad cheekbones and narrow eye line and jawline. Therefore, the focus should be to highlight soften the cheekbone area and highlight the eyes. Opt for rimless frames, oval shaped frames or cat-eye eyeglasses for diamond face shape.

5. Heart face shape-

Heart Shape
Heart Face Shape

Broader forehead, narrow chin and jawline are the main characteristics of heart face shape. If your face shape is similar then, you will need a frame that can minimize the width at the top, creating an illusion of width at the bottom. So, opt for oval frames or round frames.

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