Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Perfect Eyeglasses Prescription For Computer Use at Work

If you are eyes are feeling dried up after long hours of staring at the computer. If they are drying up after a long work day then you might want to use computer glasses that reduce strain on your eyes and make it easier for you to work. Prescription eyeglasses for computer users is what you need. Our lives are dependent on the use of the technology but it comes at the cost of ruining your eyes in the long run if you are careless about them.

anti reflective glasses for computer users online shopping india

l  If you work for over 10 hours everyday on your computer it’s common to experience eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, red eyes and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS).
l  This can happen because your eyes are continuously changing focus from the keyboard to the computer screen.
l  The varying distance can often cause eye strain. This is evident with age especially for people above 40 years of age who can suffer from presbyopia.
l  It’s a loss of vision’s near-focusing ability due to the natural process of aging.
l  Best cheap computer glasses are often useful in treating some of these symptoms.

Computer glasses differ from regular eyewear. Computer glasses prescription has special coating on its lenses that reduces glare and eliminates eye strain thanks to the special tint on the glasses. They are also sometimes known as computer reading glasses.

l Many of us who suffer from eye strain or blurred vision while working tend to working by leaning forward.
l They try to see through the bottom of their regular glasses sometimes.
l All of these results in a aching back, nech and shoulders that remain sore for days.
l You need to get excellent quality eyeglasses prescription for computer use to eliminate these problems.

Coolwinks offers best cheap computer glasses

If you were wondering where to buy computer glasses in India then fear not as Coolwinks offers the best quality computer reading glasses at affordable pricing.

l You can buy eyeglass prescription for computer use affordably online.
l The prices are highly affordable and with Coolwinks discount coupon codes you can easily get over 65% off on mrp.
l Coolwinks provides free shipping and cash on delivery on all their products and this further reduces the cost of your computer reading glasses.
l Single vision computer glasses can be easily bought off from the Coolwinks online sunglasses and eyeglasses shopping store.
l The modified lenses on these computer glasses prescription are purpose built.
l Buy computer reading glasses with anti-reflective coating also known as anti-glare coating.
l You can also use tinted glasses that block out the blue light emitted from your computer screens.

Don’t buy over the counter reading glasses for use with your computer. They are not very useful for this application. You can use single vision computer glasses or computer glasses prescription with progressive lenses. Bifocal and trifocal lenses are also available with anti-glare coating which will serve your needs completely.

Perfect eyeglasses prescription for computer use ensure you don’t have to strain your body too much when working on the computer. Meet your optometrist to get a prescription and shop online with discount Coolwinks offers anytime.

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