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Which are Best Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape?

The changing lifestyles and habits have resulted in a sheer rise in people purchasing and wearing eyeglasses. All age groups have different requirements for eyeglasses. With so many options out there, go for best eyeglasses for your face shape. One best option is to get huge collection of eyeglasses and prescription eyeglasses online.

how to select eyeglasses according to your face shape

As the demand increased, it became necessary to cater to the needs of all these people who are looking for comfort, style and quality. The eyewear industry too has evolved in leap and bounds. Today you have enormous numbers of options when it comes to eyewear.

·           Online shopping of eyewear gives you more options when it comes to best eyeglasses for your face shape.
·           You can buy top branded eyeglasses on heavy discounts if you buy them online.
Eyewear and fashion go hand in hand like you would never like to wear a dress that doesn’t suit you, similarly, you should always buy your frames that suit your face shape.

A few tips to help you know your face shape better

·           The first step to do this is to measure your face that will help you get the best fitting glasses frames.
·           Stand in front of a mirror with a measuring tape. Now measure from one side of the cheekbone to other to get the total length of your cheekbones.
·           Next measure your jawline, forehead width and face length.
·           Once you know the measurements it would be easy to do shopping for your eyewear.

What are different eyeglasses shapes?

Oval Shaped Eyeglasses:
oval face shape glasses

  • Extremely fashionable eyeglasses that goes with all face shape. Go for oval shape glasses if you are looking for a stylish, contemporary yet vintage look. They are classy and look good on young men and women.

                                                                       Round Shaped Eyeglasses:

round face shape glasses

  • This shape was introduced in the 1960s and 70s. From that time, it never went out of fashion, a perfect example of a retro vintage collection. These round frames also go well with almost all face shapes.

  Rectangle Shaped Eyeglasses:

rectangle face shape glasses

  • If you are fashion conscious and looking for some different looks to try that make you look different from the crowd, go for rectangle frames. These shape of frames are liked by all age groups. They are suitable for office-going professionals as well as students. These frames look good on round face shape.

Heart Shaped Eyeglasses:

heart face shape glasses

  • Definitely style with a difference, sexy, romantic, fun with an element of drama. These look good on young girls with loads of style and energy. These eye catchy frame promise you will never go unnoticed with this one.
Square Shaped Eyeglasses

square face shape glasses

  • These have angular frames and are equal in length and width. Square frames look good on oblong, round and oval face shapes.

Diamond Shaped Eyeglasses:

diamond face shape glasses
     ·           You can also buy artificial diamond studded eyeglasses, you can try this different style.

When you are looking for best eyeglasses for your face shape, apart from frame shapes, color analysis is also an important factor. The eyeglass must look good on your personal coloring which can be cool (blue based) or warm (yellow based). You must buy eyewear based on the colors of hair, skin and eyes. These tips will help you in the long run when you are purchasing glasses for your face.

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