Wednesday, 8 June 2016

10 Amazing Designer Eyeglasses Brands That You Can’t Live Without!

Designer eyeglasses are extremely popular amongst men and women today. From your facebook newsfeed to your colleague donning a smart outfit and completing it with a designer eyeglasses, they are everywhere you look!

We would be lying to ourselves if we never considered getting some new designer glasses online. There are so many options and how does one go about selecting them? Fear not, we’ve listed a few brands that are a must have in your collection of designer eyeglasses. You can’t go wrong with them!

Foster Grant

where to buy foster grant sunglasses

One of the oldest sunglasses maker and the first company to produce sunglasses. Founded in 1929 by Sam Foster in America. It’s one of the biggest names in designer eyeglasses and designer sunglasses and makes some of the best quality eyewear in the world. Websites like deal in them exclusively.


Originally designed for American military fighter pilots who needed excellent protection from the sun while flying aircrafts. It’s an American firm that is now one of the most popular brands and famous of its wraparound style designer sunglasses for men and women. Extremely stylish and will never go out of fashion!

Maui Jim

Favorite amongst swimmers and beach goers alike, Maui Jim was developed on the Island of Maui. Very popular brand which makes extremely stylish eyewear. You can buy Maui Jim designer eyeglasses online very easily these days. Their new collection offers a great variety that will suit most of your needs. Impress your better half with a Maui Jim sunglasses for a gift.


World’s leading high performance sporting brand that makes a eyeglasses. They are known for producing the best quality active lifestyle designer eyeglasses. High quality and many of their frames come with hypoallergenic properties if in case you have a sensitive skin.


A brand that needs little introduction owing to its growing popularity across the world. Famous for its high quality craftsmanship and dedication towards sports enthusiasts. Makes incredible designer sunglasses for men and women everyday!


One of the biggest names in the world of cosmetics Revlon has been producing high quality designer sunglasses for women since 1970s. A brand that been around for over 75 years, it makes extremely stylish eyeglasses that will forever remain in vogue. You can purchase them on


Luxury apparel manufacturer that has extended its line-up to include trendy designer eyeglasses and designer sunglasses for women apart from handbags and fragrances. Italian brand famous for its stylish frames and colors. Very exclusive and luxurious brand if you are a discerning buyer looking to buy only the best!


Prada has been known to have opened the door to cutting-edge fashion years ago! Now, they are also producing designer eyeglasses for women apart from their usual line-up that consists of luggage, accessories and luxury goods. Their approach to making designer glasses is interesting enough to make it to our list.

LA Express

la express sunglasses for women online

A youthful brand and relatively new on the block is ‘LA Express.’ A brand owned and promoted by Foster Grant produces very trendy and contemporary designer eyeglasses for men and women. You can find their collection at and Indian buyers have found the brand to be extremely delightful to own and wear.

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