Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Four Rules to Keep in Mind While Buying Sunglasses for Kids

Kids look super cute in sunglasses. They get attracted to their bright colors and funky designs and wear them for fun. But, unlike you, they aren’t aware of the benefits of wearing shades. Considering the young age, their bodies are susceptible to health issues along with that of the eyes. So, it is always better to be safe and shield their eyes by buying them quality pair of children sunglasses. Even if your kids are not staying out for longer time, it is a must to ensure they wear their junior sunglasses while stepping out in the sun. Buying kids sunglasses might seem easy but it is not. Here are 5 rules that will help you choose the right ones for your little one-

1. Check the UV Protection Logo

Before buying kids sunglasses, do not forget to check the tag mentioning UV protection. If you don’t find such label, do not buy. Because, quality sunglasses always come with proper labelling saying 100% UVA and UVB protection.

2. Opt for the Right Lenses

Kids are very active. They run, trip and fall while playing and enjoying. So, as a parent/parents, you have to select lenses that are impact resistant and scratch proof. Never go for glass lenses, rather plastic ones are the best for children sunglasses.

3. Inspect the Lenses

Kids might not know and realize if the lenses are scratched and that can distort their vision. So, it is you who need to inspect the quality and clarity of lenses before buying sunglasses for kids.

4. Let your Kids Also Choose the Lenses

Kids should also like what they are wearing. Since, they are too small to understand about the harmful effects of UV rays, it is better they choose the style in junior sunglasses and you take care of the rest of the factors.

Besides these, you can teach your kids a little bit about the importance of sunglasses just like you try to develop other good habits. Kids’ eyes are very sensitive and should be kept away from any kind of harmful rays. 

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