Friday, 21 July 2017

5 Differences in Regular and Polarized Sunglasses that you Should Know

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Many of you don’t realize why you need sunglasses or you simply think of fashion factor while choosing one. But sunglasses are something beyond and it is important to know what types are available in the market and which one is best for you. Most of the times, you get confused between regular sunglasses and polarized sunglasses and you end up buying what you should not have. So, here are 5 points of differences which will help you know better about both these sunglasses for men and women.

1. Connotation

Regular sunglasses only cover and protect your eyes from the brightness and can be worn casually. While a pair of polarized sunglasses which is designed to shield the eyes from the sun’s radiations that can be harmful for the eyes.

2.  Reason of Development

You can say, the reason of development of these sunglasses is an exaggerated form of their connotation. So, when you are buying regular sunglasses online, be aware that they are worn not just for protecting the eyes from the sun’s brightness but also to add style to the look. On the contrary, polarized version of sunglasses for men and women are developed for reducing the glare that results when light reflects off from flat surfaces and also it improves contrast sensitivity.

3. Block Glare

Regular branded sunglasses have the ability to block complete glare but with polarized lenses, it is not the case. As, they only block out the glare selectively.

4. Cost

The non-polarized eyewear come in varied price ranges and is usually affordable as compared to its counterpart which are quite expensive because of the special lens treatment. With online sunglasses offers, you can get a chance to save on your favorites.

5. Advantages and Disadvantages

Regular sunnies are not so great as they offer eye protection to a limit while polarized ones are a level above. They provide minimum visual discomfort, enhanced vision during daylight, reduced eyestrain and keeps reflections away.

On the contrary, polarized lenses are ideal for limited use like water sports, but when it comes to situations like night driving, downhill skiing, viewing LCD screens and flying airplane, these lenses are not appropriate.

Now when you know the points of differences, it will be easy to shop sunglasses online. At, you will find regular and other special sunglasses in massive designs and alluring colors. Brands offered include JRS, Foster Grant, Reebok and more.  

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